Hockey 9 aside Knock Out Competition

The Vanuatu Hockey Federation have hosted a 9 aside competition which took place at Wan Smolbag (WSB) Sports Centre on Thursday, 21st of February 2019.

The Vanuatu Hockey Federation is very pleased with the turn out of the hockey competition and also the match which took place at the hockey field at WSB Sports Centre.

Prizes were given out to the winning teams, for the senior men 1st prize was a total of Vt 15,000 which had been given to team losers followed by Senior Men 2nd prize Vt 10,000 to Team East Coast Sharks and for the Senior men 3rd prize was Vt 5,000 was handed over to Team Mazon.

The prizes were handed over to the players by Flinders University Students from Australia who are working hand in hand with Vanuatu Hockey Federation at WSB Sports Centre.

From the many teams that have registered to play, unfortunately there have been some commitments that unable the other teams to play during that day.

As for the Women’s team there were only two teams that played that day, which in the end the Senior women 1st prize was a total of Vt 11,000 given to Team East Coast Sharks, and the Senior women 2nd prize was Vt 6,000 to Team Dolphin.

The Hockey Federation is happy to announced that its Senior Men’s team will be travelling out the country to compete in Malaysia on March this year.

Further information about the tournament will be given out in the following weeks.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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