The Government through the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has again handover the second tranche payment for the TAFEA National Games this week at the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports Office in Port Vila.

The handover was made by the Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Hon, Seule Simeon to TAFEA Local Organising Committee (LOC) Member and same time President of TAFEA Athletics Association, Mr.Nakat kuckrey and Mrs. Devo Wari from the Department of Local Authority.

While handing over the Cheque payment, Minister Seule said, “It is not easy to get requested budget for organised games on time as we know reporting is always an issue. However, the Government will always continue to support Sports Development in the country”.

Mr. Seule acknowledged what the host Province has so far been doing in terms of preparation.

In his respond, Mr. Nakat said, “On behalf of the TAFEA LOC, we would like to thank the Ministry for the handing over the second tranche payment. I have to admit that, we have struggled a lot, but, preparations are so far so good after the first tranche was made”.

The Cheque amount handover is Vt 1619998 Million and will be used to purchase materials from the Leon Hardware in Port Vila for the facilities fencing.

Mr Nakat said fencing is one long-time issue; therefore, he thanked the Ministry for the continuous support it has to offer to support sports development.

He also added that the running tracks will need more attention now and is requesting assistance to get it ready on time.

“Despite everything, we look forward for the games to be on time”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Government through the Ministry of responsible for Sport would like to also stress that, while government has continued to show its support towards the Games; arrangements must be made for the Sporting Facilities on Tanna to be handed back from the TAFEA Provincial Government to the Vanuatu National Sports Commission (VNSC).

Finally, the first payment tranche handover was Vt2 Million.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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