Gold target for Team Fiji

Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) president Joseph Rodan says Fiji needs to win more than 40 gold medals to be in contention to win the 2017 Pacific Mini Games which started in Port Vila, Vanuatu on Saturday.

The athletes have been told of the task on hand.

“We want to retain our No.1 place in the Pacific region and to do that we need to win 40 plus gold medals and that is the target and the vision of Team Fiji,” Rodan said.

“We spoke to our athletes and told them that they need to have confidence and believe in themselves that they can do better than any other athletes and look at the examples set by Fiji Bati and Fiji 7s team.

“If you have confidence in yourself and ability and if you have been doing the hard work in training then they can do wonders.”

Rodan, who is also the president of Athletics Fiji, said the athletes had a lot to prove themselves.

“Our mission for the 2017 Pacific Mini Game is to retain our number one position in the Pacific region and for athletics we are looking forward to win seven to eight gold medals,” he said.

“Most of our athletes are young and new to the scene and most probably Eugene Vollmer have been around for some time. The majority of the athletes have competed in the Melanesian Games two years ago and they went to the Asian Championship and they have the experience to compete in the Pacific Mini Games. The big incentive in Pacific Mini Games is that if they perform well there then they will be considered for the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia next year so that is big incentives,” he said.

Fiji Times

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