In 2019, for the first time, the Peace Torch of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run will encircle the globe.

More than 2000 runners from 50 countries will carry the Torch in relay, visiting every country of the Southern Hemisphere along its route. Starting Bali last week, the international Peace Run team will arrive in Vanuatu on the 4th of February.

Ceremonies, relays and events will take place in the early evening of the 4th February and all day and evening of the 5th February in and around Port Vila. Everyone is warmly invited and encouraged to join the Peace Run, by holding the torch, running with the Peace Run and participating in ceremonies and functions during the Team’s stay in Port Vila.

The Southern Hemisphere relay will be a continuous route and will visit 44 nations on 5 continents. Vanuatu will be the second country to receive the Peace Torch, after Indonesia. The Team will also visit numerous island nations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, South America and Africa.

The Peace Run, now in its third decade, has visited over 150 countries, giving millions the opportunity to express their own yearnings for a more peaceful world. Millions have participated as the Peace Run team visits schools, youth, community and sporting organisations, as well as government officials to share a message of peace, harmony and friendship.

The Peace Run was founded in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy, an athlete, philosopher, artist, musician and poet who dedicated his life to advancing the ideals of world friendship and oneness. Sri Chinmoy wrote: “How can we have peace? Not by talking about peace, but by walking along the road of peace.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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