Acting DG Sport, Ben Tofor (raet) i stap ofisoli handem ova payment blong rent i go long president blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Issachar (left)

Vanuatu Goverment thru lo Ministry blong Youth mo Sport development i pem aot akomodesen blong team athletics Vanuatu we oli bin yusum Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) long taem blong Melanisian Athletics Jampionship we i bin tekm ples long Port Vila long manis May lo year ia.

Totol mane we Goverment blong Vanuatu i bin sapotem athletics team blong kaontri i kasem 1 million Vatu.

"Mane ia i pat long olgeta grant we Government i bin passem long wan supplementary bugdet blong helpem olgeta federation blong pripea from Mini Games las yia be from samfala mishandeling blong funds wetem foma Eksekiutif i mekm se funds ia i no save rilis long taem ia," President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Issachar i talem.

Wetem hemia ,Athletics Vanuatu anda long lidship blong Issachar mo Vaes President Ansel Nalau, i wantem talem bigfala tankio i go lo newfala acting DG blong Ministry blong Youthmo Sport blong save spidim ap proses blong fund ia i save rilis long shot taem nomo afta long apoenmen blong hem olsem acting DG blo ministry blong Youth mo Sport Developmemt.

Issachar i tekem taem ia tu blong talem bigfala tankio blong hem long bihaf blong Athletics Vanuatu i go long Manejmen blong VIT blong save haosem team Athletics Vanuatu long taem blngo Melanisian Athletics Jampionship ia.

Athletics team blong Vanuatu i bin mekem histri long taem namba 7 edtion blong Melanaisin Athletics Jampionhip ia we i lukim Team Vanuatu i ronwe wetem 44 medol evriwan, we hemi brekem rikod blo everi taem we athletics Vanuatu i tek pat long wan rijinol kompetisen.

President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Issachar i wantem acknowledgem tu olgeta yang athlete blong team Vanuatu, olgeta tim Maneja, Chief Executive Ofificer David Patunvanu, olgeta lokol koj, Hed Koj David Benjiman mo Mose Kamut Assistant Koj Ansel Nalau Tawai Keruwan mo Sandy Molu, Chair Lady blong games, Golden Mama Mary Estelle Kapalu Mahuk, olgeta hard working ofisol blong team Vanuatu mo olgeta sponsaolsem Digicel Vanuatu, Vanuatu Beverage Company, Oceania Athletics Federation, mo Vanuatu Government .

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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