Game Set Respect

Tennis Australia, Tennis Vanuatu, Tennis Fiji and World Vision Vanuatu have announced a partnership to improve girls and young women’s access to sports.

On Saturday, during the Vanuatu Junior Regional Tennis Championship closing ceremony, Acting Deputy Australian High Commissioner, Mr Charlie Jebb launched the 12 month Pacific Sports Partnership project, supported by the Australian Government.

“Through this partnership I am very much looking forward to barriers being removed for women and young girls, so that more and more girls can play tennis and enjoy this great sport.” Mr Jebb announced to a crowd of tennis players, coaches and support staff from Vanuatu, Fiji, Japan, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. Vicki Reid, Manager of Government and Community Engagement at Tennis Australia explained that tennis is the ideal vehicle to champion equality. “Tennis is a sport for all ages, abilities

and gender, it does not discriminate.

The pilot project which runs until September 2019, will promote gender equality through tennis outreach programs with primary aged children, demonstrate and educate adolescents and young adults on healthy

relationships and provide menstrual health education to young women and girls.”

Count ry Di rector of World Vision Vanuatu Mr Michael Wolfe stated “World

Vision knows that girls and young women in Vanuatu experience many inequalities.

We are excited about the partnership between Tennis Vanuatu, Tennis Australia, Tennis Fiji, and World Vision, which will work to reduce barriers and foster a supportive environment for girls and young women to be champions.”

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