Galaxy oli selebretem wan poen yestede aftanun agensem BSP Amicale

Long yestede aftanun stret long Port Vila Stadium i lukim dei 2 aksen blong Port Vila Football Association Digicel Premier divisen i gohed bitwin BSP Amicale mo Galaxy.

Las taem we tufala klab ia i mit long Opening Knockout grand faenol blong PVFA, i lukim BSP Amicale nao hemi kam blong win, be maj blong yestede, Galaxy hemi jenisim storian i kam long feva blong olgeta.

Maj ia i lukim Galaxy nao hemi openem sko thru long Dennis Ifunaoa, mo hem bageken hemi makem sekon poen.

Tufala poen blong Dennis hemi kam afta we i lukim hemi mestem kolosap 3 poen long fored blong gol blong BSP Amicale.

Namba 3 poen blong Galaxy hemi kamaot long wan penalty, afta long wan handbol blong BSP Amicale difenda, Watson Maliwan insaed long box.

Brazilian straeka, Santos hemi no westem nating blong putum bol ia insaed long net.

Stret long namba 78 minit, Dennis i kamaot long fil mo straeka, Tala hemi go insaed mo semtaem hemi makem namba 4 poen blong Amicale.

Poen blong BSP Galaxy hemi kamaot long namba 93 minit taem we BSP ataking midfilda, Dominique Fred hemi luk kipa blong Galaxy, Seloni Iaruel hemi kamaot long laen blong hem mo hemi sendem bol ya i go insaed long net, thru long wan kaonta atak.

Faenol sko, Galaxy 4 mo BSP Amicale 1.

Long ologeta laenap blong tede, long 11am, Tupuji i pleiem Yatel. Long 1pm, Tafea i pleiem Ifira mo long 3pm, Erakor i pleiem Shepherds United.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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