Manueli Tulo attempts a lift in the men’s 56kg during the weight-lifting competition at the Pacific Mini Games and winning Fiji’s first gold yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

Maria Liku is very proud of Manueli Tulo after he took out three gold medals in the weight-lifting competition at the 2017 Pacific Mini Games in Port, Vila Vanuatu yesterday.

Tulo lifted a total of 238 kilograms in the men’s 56kg category. He lifted 109kg in the snatch and 129kg in clean and jerk.

“I am proud of his achievement,” Liku said after her husband’s achievement.

“He worked very hard to win these gold medal.”

“It was through weight-lifting where we met and fell in love.

“He is a very disciplined person and a good father. It was hard to leave our two children back in Fiji and come and compete for the nation.

“Winning the gold medals was a big achievement for him.”

Liku after giving birth to their second child took a break from the sport, but it was Tulo who brought her back.

“We got together in 2012 and it was love at first sight,” she said.

“I am proud that I am his wife and we stand behind each other and support each other to grow and develop.

“He sacrificed a lot for the games as he used to be away from home for months.”

The PMG will end on December 15.

-Fiji Times

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