The Port Vila Power House Rugby League Club is proud to officially announce their Power House Women’s Rugby League Team. 

The decision was made to move forward and grow the club and most importantly the sport.

Brett Wright stated “this has been on the cards for a couple of years; we have always wanted to give the ladies equal opportunity. Over the last couple of weeks I have been talking to a core group of girls that have show a lot of interest & passion for the sport. From this core group we will develop a great team of talented girls”. Brett also said “there is huge potential for Ni-Vanuatu women in this sport. The NRL in Australia now has a full blown league for the ladies & this year was the first female State of Origin. Pathways to higher level rugby league are in place. I have been around quite a few sports here in Vanuatu & the natural talent of our Ni-Vanuatu girls is huge, as is the passion & willingness to learn & improve.”

This coming weekend, the first ever Women Rugby match between Mele Eels Rugby League team coached by Joshua Mackenzie and Tevita Taravaki and The other Team Port-Vila Power House Rugby League team, coached by Brett Wright.

The two teams have been hard at training for the last two months, although new to the sport itself, they will go head to head at 2.15pm at the Mele field, this Saturday, August 11th.

The Port Vila Power House Rugby League Club would love to get as many ladies on board as possible, so if anyone is interested in giving rugby league a try, please contact them Port Vila Power House Rugby League Club or Power House Performance - Vanuatu Strength & Conditioning.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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