A longtime friend and sponsor of former Vanuatu student’s soccer players who studied in Fiji with the likes of Seimata Chilia, Joseph Namariau and Joe Pakoa has re-established connection with a current Vanuatu students Futsal team.

Managing Director of Pillay Garments LTD, Narendra Pillay, last week showed his generosity to the Vanuatu Futsal team by sponsoring a set of new Futsal uniform.

Mr. Pillay is not new to Vanuatu students because he used to provide similar support in the past to Vanuatu students who love and play soccer or Futsal in Fiji. The sponsorship was part of the long history Mr. Pillay has created with Vanuatu students during the glory days of Chilia, Namariau and Pakoa.

The three Vanuatu students were former Vanuatu reps who studied in Fiji and Mr. Pillay was a major sponsor during their soccer days in Fiji.

During the handing over, Mr. Pillay told the students that he wants to see them continue to play soccer and Futsal while studying in Fiji.

The Vanuatu students Futsal team took part in another Futsal Tournament last weekend with the new uniform hosted by the University of Fiji and lost in the Final against a Fijian team.

Despite the loss, the team ran away with an amount of FJD700 equivalent to around Vt37086.

Vanuatu students team captain Renly Tari thanked Mr. Pillay for his hearty support to sponsor the team adding that this sponsorship will live on for years and many students will continue to benefit on the uniform for any sporting event.

The arrangements made to meet Mr. Pillay was made available with the support of Mr. Pakoa who now works as first secretary to the Vanuatu High Commission in Fiji.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor



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