Korman Stadium bambae hemi hostem olgeta trial blong athletics tede mo tumoro

Tede mo tumoro long niufala running track long Korman Stadium, bambae Vanuatu hemi selektem olgteta athletes we bambae i flyem flag blong kaontri long Disemba Pacific Mini Games.

Olgeta athletes blong Vanuatu we oli go spendem 5 manis long China, bambae oli gat janis blong kompit wetem pablik, blong wan ples insaed long Team Vanuatu Athletics tim long end blong yia ia.

Olsem we Athletics Vanuatu hemi bin promis, se from olgeta Vanuatu athletes oli fulap tumas bambae i no everi oli go long China, sam bambae oli stap, from spes hemi limited nomo.

VASANOC hemi registarem finis 213 athlete we bambae oli kompit from 66 spot insaed long Pacific Mini Games tim blong athletics.

Athletics Vanuatu hemi stap kikim off olgeta trial blong hem tede stat long 7am kasem 11am, smol spel long lunch taem kasem 1.30pm we oli kik off bageken kasem 4.30pm

Long Fraede bageken bambae olgeta trial oli gohed bageken long semak timing nomo.

Athletics Vanuatu athlete we oli go long China oli brekem sam nasonal rikod, we oli pruvum se 5 manis long China i mekem wan diferens long pefomens blong olgeta.

Wetem heat blong sun ia mo spes hemi smol nomo, kompetisen long Korman Stadium long tufala dei ya bambae hemi interesting from ples ya nao bambae wan i save wea ples level blong athletics long Vanuatu i stap long hem, hemia long olgeta we oli stap long Vanuatu nomo, mo wanem nao level blong olgeta we oli go spendem 5 manis long China.

Athletics mo VASANOC oli kamap finis wetem wan criteria we bambae oli yusum blong mekem seleksen.

Team Manager blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Issachar, hemi jalenjem olgeta athlete espeseli olgeta we oli kambak long China, se oli bin westem bigfala mane long olgeta, mo oli mas soem hemia long running track tede mo tumoro taem oli kompit.

Issachar i talem se bambae i gat 2 Chinese koj i kam long namba22 Oktoba blong help putum olgeta athlete long top fom bifo Games i kik off long manis Disemba.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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