Friday 21st August 2015 marks the official handing over of the new set of uniform for Erakor Golden Star sponsored by Erakor Express Rubbish Company.

The official handing over was a little ceremony but very special.

A word of Welcome was given by Remy Kalon who is a member of Erakor Express Rubbish Company followed by an official Speech from the Manager of the company Mr Kalangis Kalokis.

“I am standing here on behalf of Josiah Russel who is the boss of the Erakor Express Company who is now in Myanmar to officially hand over the new uniform the company has proudly sponsored our youths in Erakor Golden Star Football Club. What we earned from the community, our 5% goes back to them in Erakor Village. Today Erakor Village should be proud they are also part of the Sponsorship of the new uniform for our boys to wear and feel proud to play with in their tournaments, said Kalangis Kalokis.

“We do not only sponsor Sports but we also help the community to encourage our youths to stay out from alcohol and drugs which is a real issue to most communities in our country today.Though we may at times only give back 1% to the community but at least we are doing our job to return the kindness and support to them. And it’s up to our youths to accept, appreciate it and take it into their lives to help them” commented the Manager of Erakor Express Rubbish Company.

“The company focus is to help young people to realize what is life and to achieve something in life. What the company can afford can help these young people to develop their skills and look after themselves”, encouraged Mr Kalokis

“ The name infront of the brand club’s brand new shirt “ERAKOR” is to remind the football club to play for the village as a whole and not forgetting the elderlys we have in the village”, emphasised Mr Kalokis

Dedication prayer comes from Pastor George Sakari. “ The original colours of Erakor Golden Star are white, Yellow and Black, said Pastor Sakari before he dedicated the uniform.

“The colours represent three important things: White: Righteousness of God, Yellow: golden streets of gold in Heaven and Black for the Holliness of God, reminded Pastor George.

“He read the Presbyterian Motto in Acts 17:28 “In Him We Live, Move & Have our Being”.

After the dedication an offical handing over was done to the President of the Club Mr Donald Wanemut who gladly received the uniform from the Company Erakor Express.

“Thank you so much for the donation and we appreciate your help towards our football club in our village”, said Donald Wanemut on behalf of the Erakor Godlen Star executive.

The little handover ceremony ended with a celebration of drinks and snacks.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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