Afta long kwalifikesen blong olgeta jampion blong Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) long Oceania Football Confederation Champions League long nekis yia long Tahiti

, Erakor Golden Star, hemi programem hem wan finis wetem olgeta preperesen blong kampen blong hem.

Manejmen blong Erakor Golden Star oli kamaot long Daily Sport yestede blong anaonsem olgeta preperesen maj blong klab.

Long namba 3 wik blong January Erakor bambae hemi fly i go daon long Luganville blong plei wetem sister klab blong hem, Malampa Revivors FC we olgeta tu bambae oli go plei long Oceania Champions League.

Erakor Manejmen i konfem wetem Daily Sports se going blong olgeta i go long Luganville Soccer City Stadium from frenli ia mo tu bambae i gat bigfala janis se bambae olgeta i save mekem wan intanasonal frenli long Port Vila Stadium jas bifo oli flae aot.

Erakor Manejmen i talem se olgeta i gat 8 wik nomo blong pripea from Champions League, be olgeta i gat wan bigfala setback naoia we bambae i lukim trifala pleia blong olgeta bambae oli no stap wetem olgeta long kampen blong olgeta from bambae oli full taem wetem Vanuatu U20 tim we bambae oli statem olgeta preperesen tu from FIFA U20 World Cup.

Jason Thomas, Kaltfer Kaltak mo Jesse Kalopong lukluk i stap se maet bambae oli no save joenem Erakor long kampen blong hem from bambae oli travel wetem U20 i go long South America alongside New Zealand, blong pripea from World Cup long manis May long Korea.

Erakor i talem se bambae olgeta i pushum hand nomo insaed long olgeta klab blong PVFA blong help strengthenem tim from kampen, naoia we taem we hemi shot tumas.

Erakor i wantem letem olgeta fan i awea se bambae going blong olgeta long Champions League ia, bambae oli go long interes blong everiwan, wetem olgeta lokol pleia we oli kamaot nomo long Vanuatu Football Federation Academy we oli pruvum olgeta finis long jampionship mo Super League se oli save mekem.

Vanuatu rikod holda blong Pacific Games, 15 poen long wan maj, Jean Kaltak, we hemi bin wan bigfala help long Tafea long 2014 Champions League long Fiji, Brian Kaltak, Samuel Kaloros mo Michel Kaltak bambae olgeta nao wetem Champions League eksperiens we olgeta i gat, bambae oli save steerem kampen blong Erakor long Tahiti, wan ples we Jean Kaltak hem hemi save gud hao nao olgeta man ya oli stap plei futbol blong olgeta, afta we hemi bin plei wetem AS Dragon long yia ia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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