Learning what is waste and why it is important to look after the environment, through sport, has proved another effective alternative to educate children from three years to over 20 years of age.

On September 9, around one hundred children gathered at the Holiday Inn golf course in Port Vila to discover and have fun with different sports.

It was a combined event of sport and environmental matters, targeting an early age of learning, where participants were given an opportunity to receive messages, through playing sport, about the positive impact of protecting our environment.

Van2017, with the support of VASANOC and Voice of the Athletes representatives, jointly organized the event, creating 9 sport stations where children could play each discipline, run by representatives from the National Federations of different sports.

The Events and Community Relations Coordinator for the day, Relvie Poilapa, said Netball, Hockey, Basketball, AFL, Aquatics, Rowing, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Athletics were some of the sports enjoyed by the children.

“From the feedback I have received from a few of the parents and their kids, the messages were clear, engaging, and very informative,” said Mrs Poilapa.

“For the kids themselves, I know they had a fun day and learnt a lot of interesting facts at each station. They were tested on their knowledge and the things they learnt during the event in regard to waste and our environment.

“The repetitive messaging in the sports activities created was aimed at re-enforcing behavioral change in the way we handle different types of waste, big or small.”

It is the first event organized to encourage children and youths around Vanuatu to ‘PROTECT WHAT MATTERS’ by advocating for a safe and clean environment.

The joint partnership with VASANOC was set up to put a special focus on Environment as part of the Van2017 Games Legacy Plan and also tap into the Education sector.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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