Digicel celebrates Team Vanuatu’s Super Performance at the World Games

Digicel hosted Team Vanuatu Special Olympics athletes, officials, volunteers and families at their headquarters for a hearty welcome breakfast today. The Manager of Athletics Federation, Mrs Marie Estelle Kapalu, also attended the event.

Team Vanuatu did the country proud scooping 2 medals – 1 Gold and 1 Silver at the World Summer Games in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last week.

Ben Kealy, Digicel Vanuatu said; “You have made Vanuatu proud. You are amazing, incredible and you are powerful. You have inspired the whole of Vanuatu.

“I congratulate you and salute you for your commitment and courage that you displayed at the World Games.”

Digicel threw its support behind Team Vanuatu SO with a cash grant of Vt1,130,000.

Digicel’s sponsorship provided the contingent with uniforms, mobile phones with SIM cards and credit along with other merchandise including t-shirts, caps, string bags and wrist bands.

Special Olympics Team Vanuatu was represented by 9 to the world meet with 4 athletes competing, support from 5 volunteers of managers and support staff.

Team Vanuatu took part amongst over 7,000 athletes from 192 countries at the World Games.

The best performing athlete was Ken Kalsong, who won Gold in 100-metres while Monique Sau collected a silver medal in the shot put. There were participation medals awarded to Toumara Taravaki and Atis Carlo for finishing fourth in the long jump and fourth in the 100-metres.

Special Olympics is very close to Digicel Chairman and Founder, Mr. Denis O’Brien’s heart and he was extremely happy for the opportunity to see Digicel partner with Team Vanuatu in their quest for medals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

For more information, visit the Digicel Vanuatu Facebook page or www.digicelvanuatu.com

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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