DG Vira i askem olgeta SG mo Town Clerk blong assist wetem transpotesen

Follem wan isiu we DG blong Yut mo Spot, Henry Vira, hemi sendem araon long olgeta Secretary General blong olgeta Provins mo olgeta Town Clerk blong olgeta munisipaliti long namba 17 April, se olgeta Provins bambae oli risponsibol blong jaterem o assist blong faenem transpotesen i go mo kambak long Tanna from National Games i lukim kwesten i stap go raon naoia se Games bambae hemi wok aot o no.

Tafea Lokol Oganaesing Komiti oli full swing finis wetem preperesen blong olgeta, tumoro nao hemi final miting blong olgeta preperesen.

Follem olgeta past Games olsem las wan hemia long Luganville, Gavman thru long Dipatmen blong Yut mo Spot nao hemi bajet blong mitim transpotesen, be long Games long yia ya, wetem shot notis nomo hamas wik nomo bifo Games i kik off, DG Vira hemi sendem aot hemia.

Hemia i minim se bambae nomol bajet blong Vt1 million long wan provins bambae i lukim olgeta Provinsol Gavman mo Munisipaliti bambae oli mas strainem bajet blong olgeta blong traem bajet from wan samting we i no stap long bajet blong olgeta.

Naoia i putum i go long kwesten olgeta provins olsem Torba mo Sanma we distens hemi long we tumas, se bambae olgeta i save patisipet long Games ya o nogat from bambae hemi ekspensif tumas, from hemi samting we olgeta i no bajet from.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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