Vanuatu National Provincial Secondary School Games (VNPSSG) i stap gohed long namba 4 dei blong hem tede long Laminu Stadium, Tanna.

Yestede overall, Port Vila i stap lid wetem 10 gold medal mo Tafea i stap folem wetem 5 gold, Malampa 3 gold, Shefa 3 gold, Luganville 2 gold, Torba 1 gold. Sanma mo Penama tufala i no winim wan gold yet.

Long total medal tally, yestede moning yet, Tafea i kat 19 medal evriwan we i kat 5 gold, 9 silva, mo 5 brons folem wetem Port Vila we i kat 10 gold, 3 silva mo 3 brons.

Malampa i kam namba 3 long medal tally mo hem i kat 12 medal evriwan we i kat 3 gold, 5 silva mo 4 brons.

Luganville hemi kat 10 medal evriwan we i kat 2 gold, 6 silva mo 2 brons.

Shefa i kat 8 medal evriwan we i kat 3 gold mo 5 brons, Penama hem i kat 4 medal we i kat 1 silva mo 3 brons, Sanma hem i kat 2 medal we tufala brons mo Torba hem i kat 1 medal we hemi onli gold we hemi sekiurum i stap taem oli anaonsem medal tally yestede moning. Majority long ol medal ia ol student oli winim long atletik mo fil ivent.

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