Mrs Kim Duncan and Vari Lele during the signing of the sponsorship agreement between Deco Stop Lodge and Vanuatu Cricket on Santo

Deco Stop Lodge have once again proven to be a strong supporter of the development of cricket as a sport in Vanuatu by choosing to continue sponsoring and supporting the sport on Santo on Wednesday the 24th of May.

Over the past four years (2012-2016) Deco Stop Lodge have been a key sponsor and supporter of cricket on Santo by sponsoring competitions and continuously supporting cricket on Santo to develop.

The support from Deco Stop Lodge have been given and shown in many different ways and have been gratefully received by Vanuatu Cricket.

In return for all the support received from Deco Stop lodge, Vanuatu Cricket through its new development officers on Santo, Vari Lele and Brisit Malisa, will organize the yearly U-15 Deco Stop competition which will feature participating schools around Luganville and the Men’s T20 club championships.

The U-15 Deco Stop competition will kick off on the 28th of June and the Men’s T20 club championship will kick off this Saturday the 17th of June.

“Vanuatu Cricket would like to acknowledge the continuous support from Deco Stop lodge over the years towards competitions, local teams and the development of cricket especially on Santo.

“We are glad to have this partnership and share the same interest to grow cricket in Vanuatu with Deco Stop lodge and we look forward to keeping the strong partnership between VCA and Deco Stop,” says Vanuatu Cricket Association General Manager, Pierre Chilia.

While cricket is growing in Port Vila and around Efate, there is also a high priority focus on developing the sport all around Vanuatu and VCA is working to allow the development of the sport around the country.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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