Jantina in action at Independence Park Rugby Field

Adele Willie


The first edition for our champions profile for this year, we will be looking at the Woman’s rugby 7’s.

The Current Profile for today, base mainly on one of the Women’s Rugby player, Jantina Masai.

Jantina Masai was born on the 7th of October 1994, at the Port Vila Central Hospital.

Jantina was born to (Estela Alick), originate from Buninga, and Vietnam, and dad (Momo Masai) from Mele village on the island of Efate.


Jantina began her pre-schooling at Port Vila International School(PVIS) in the year 2000, and then to grade 1 at the Nambatu SDA Mission school during the year 2001.

And then she got transferred to Central School to began grade 2 to 6, and then further to year 7-8 from 2002 to2008.

From there, she then sets her year 8 exams then manage to secure a position at Onesua Presbyterian College to continue year 9 and year 10.

Jantina continue her year 11 and 12 at Malapoa college, from 2010 to 2011 and then straight to USP Foundation at Aore Adventist School in the year 2014.

From 2015 to 2016, Jantina studied for the Media and Journalisms at, Vanuatu Institute of Technology(VIT), for one-year certificate and diploma.

From 2017, she did an online course.


Jantina, started her practical as a DJ at the Capitol FM107, in 2011, that’s her first job.

And in 2013 she works as a receptionist at the Sun Productions at Nambatu area.

In 2016 she works at the Vanuatu Spirits (Printing company)

And 2017 till this year, she is currently working at the Ministry of Public Utilities.


Jantina began her sporting carrier in primary school and then to secondary level.

But with Rugby, she began joining rugby back in the year 2009, whereas Vanuatu Women’s rugby just started.

By that time, there were only 4 women’s team, Ohlen Stormers, Ovins, Ifira Black Bird and Shepherds United.

Jantina is playing with the team Ovins and then transfered to Holen Stormers.

During that year, they’ve played three tournaments, Labour 7’s, Easter 7’s and Independence 7’s.

And from the year 2011, woman’s rugby began to drop, so Jantina decided to continue training with she boys team for fitness.

During the period of four years, Jantina maintain her training sessions with the men’s team alongside four of her team mates.

During last year 2017, they form up the team Vanuatu women’s rugby 7’s.

With 4 years women’s rugby have dropped, and last year till this year they made history where they have been selected to participated in the Coral Coast championship in Fiji featuring other top rugby countries and some international teams.


Support women in sports, is Jantina’s aim.

That doesn’t matter if you’re thin, fat but that contributes to the reducing of NCD in Vanuatu.

Most women’s and girls are not interested in rugby, but that doesn’t stop any one there is other disciplines apart from rugby that would suits any one.

But this year is going to be a very busy year for every sport in the country, and there will also be more opportunities coming in so she is encouraging every women and girls to pull up socks and move on.  

Whatever criticism’s women are facing, but we can show everyone that yes, we can do it.

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