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Toka after an iterview at Buzz 96FM (Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau)

Adele Willie

The Current Champions Profile for this week is Jester Toka, the senior girls team captain left for trial in Sydney, Australia this week.

She was born on September 12, 1997 at the Vila Central Hospital. A few years later, Toka had another brother, Ritchie Toka (playing for Onesua AFL team).

Their parents separated when they were still kids.

Toka, who originates from Ambae now resides with her mother and her younger brother at Freshwota area in Port Vila.

Her mother raised her up with the support of her uncle, Adrian Toka, who works at the Vanuatu National Provident Fund(VNPF). Her mum works at a Chinese take away in town, where she managed to raise Toka and Ritchie and also an opportunity for them to go to school.

Toka is studying at the USP, Emalus Campus in Port Vila.

Her sports career began when she was still in primary school.She has been playing soccer for the Academy, and then later to basketball.

But that doesn’t stop her from going from one sport discipline to another. Two years ago, she joined AFL Vanuatu, a new sport that has just been introduced in Vanuatu a couple of years ago.

Within two years, Toka knew that education wan not the only carrier for her, but sport wan another carrier that can gave her more opportunity. So that was always a dream come true for jester.

Toka is currently the team captain for Fresh Wota team, and she has been selected last year to go for trial at the AFL in Australia, with the Giants team from West Sydney, whom now ranked 4th in the AFL.

Her aim during her trials in Australia, is to win her trial so that she can archive her goals and be given that opportunity to play in an overseas team and be able to study overseas.

Toka’s message to all the young girls and boys to get more involve in sports disciplines of their choice to cut down the higher number of NCD,crimes,drugs,alcohol and huge number of accidents in Port Vila at the moment and build a healthy Vanuatu.

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