The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) is very honoured and pleased to cooperate with Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) and the Volley4Change (V4C) mamas from Blacksand, to celebrate the “International Women’s Day at Stade on the 8th of March 2019.

The beach volleyball tournament was organised by the VPF in Port Vila and is supported by VVF.

The arrival of invited guest and participants at the beach volleyball court at 9.30am was followed by the opening prayer and then the opening remarks done by the Director CITE James Aru on behalf of the Acting Commissioner of Police. After the opening remarks is being done the official opening of the games was made by the Deputy Commander South Krem Bihu.

“I stand before you all on behalf of the organisers for the event today,” said Deputy Commander South Krem Bihu. “One of VPF’s activity plan is to be proactive. I believe that it is our part to involve and link us between the communities around Efate to improve our relationship with them.

“It is important to see how women perform in regards to security, having a stable home, sees that works are carried out in each and every way which sees the initiative of women in moving forward.”

VPF Inspector Emile Bong said, “I came today to witness the celebration of the International Women’s day, standing here today I see that there are a few men who are here at the beach volleyball area. A home needs both parent — male and female and a community it needs the support of both gender. This also goes for people working inside the offices or workplace to join hands together and fight against crime”.

Five teams took part in the competition on Friday: Police 1, Police 2, Blacksand 1, Blacksand 2 and a team from INTV.

INTV won, followed by Blacksand 2 in the second place and the third place went to Police 2. Prizes were given out later in the afternoon which saw the INTV team winning the Volley4change Shield + Cake + Cartoon of Azure Pure Water, second place were given T-shirts + 25kg rice + Cartoon of Azure Pure Water, third place were given a 25kg + Cartoon of Azure Pure Water and for the fourth place were given Diary and a Cartoon of Azure Pure Water also.

“This event would not be able to run without our faithful Sponsors and supporters for this tournament which are Vanuatu Azure Pure Water, VPF, Vanuatu Woman Centre, VVF, Vanuatu Beverage, Cello Vila, Sweaty Ice Cream, Ah Pow Bakery and Sharper Image. VVF wishes you all a happy International Women’s Day,” said VVF Media Officer Christel Homu.

Sandwiches, juice, ice-cream and bottle of waters were given out to every player participating in the tournament, including the after-school program children who were at the beach volleyball court at Stade during the tournament.

The tournament was first initiated on March 8th, 2018 and the organisers agreed that the tournament will be held annually.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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