Amicale Raiders- Ocean Blue Keeper in action against Amicale Tiger- HBH (11-13 age group)

Young soccer enthusiast kids travelled from as far as Pango and Eratap to turn up every Saturday to participate in the 10 weeks BSP Soccer Sevens Tournament facilitated through the Digicel Amicale Club.

Gold Sponsor of the Tournament, Bank of the South Pacific (BSP) was pleased with the successful round of the tournament which attracted the participation of 300 + Boys and Girls between the ages of 5 – 16 years.

Digicel Amicale Club Coordinator George Regenvanu said, “This year also saw the involvement of more women referees, women coaches and girls playing in all age groups, which was one of the key objectives of the tournament, and has exceeded expectations.”

Digicel Amicale Club with the support of BSP, Kandy’s Kitchen, Azure Pure Water, Children, parents and volunteers, hosted the successful sport event that promoted health and wellbeing, sport development and community participation.

The tournament has also provided a great opportunity for the children to have fun and play the great game, which was well received by all.

Digicel Amicale Club’s vision is to expand its key youth development programs to include Academy teams of all ages to further the player’s potential. This separate program will officially kick off in August under the sponsorship of Azure Pure Water.

Digicel Amicale Club thanked Bank South Pacific (Vanuatu) Ltd, Apex Construction, Billabong, the Ageless Clinic, Ocean Blue, HBH and MP Ralph Regenvanu for backing this community oriented kids program.

To get more information on our next tournament, registration dates and notices, you can visit the BSP Soccer Sevens Facebook page.

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