BSP does it again

What a nail biting finish to this year’s BSP Pennants Competition. After 11 rounds the final between last years winner BSP and runner up NBV was on again. With both teams drawn 3 all it was up to the two number one players to fight out for 1st place.

Malcolm drove into the rough on the 18th and the ball was never found. With Malcolm conceding the hole, the boys were tied going down the 19th. Malcolm bombed his drive 250m down the fairway on the 1st extra hole and Kora sliced his drive and punched out of the rough to 20 metres of the green. Malcolm hit a great 2nd shot from the fairway but a gust of wind took his ball into the bunker and both were then on the green for 3. Kora putted first and missed and was in for 5. Malcolm from 4m sent his first putt past the hole and his next putt lipped out and it was all over. BSP winners again from the last putt on the last hole, you don’t get any better than that!

In 3rd place was Blue Sky, 4th was Cargo Shifters and runner up wooden spoon to Angels & Demons and Wooden Spoon to the new kids on the block, Reefers.

Most Valuable Players During the Year

  • Peter Dinsmore 6/7 — 85.71%
  • Mark Loisel 5/6 — 83.33%
  • Tekla Coleman 5.5/7 — 78.57%

Nik Regenvanu, Country Manager of BSP, presented the medals to the winning team and the Lloyd Hately Memorial trophy to Peter Dinsmore, team captain for BSP.

Nik Regenvanu thanked the teams for taking part in the BSP sponsored Pennants competition and was very proud of BSP’s long association with the Port Vila Golf and Country Club. Nik also confirmed they will be sponsors again next year.

Thanks to Port Vila Golf & Country Club and Russell Mitchell for the Armistice Day memorial service and Jeannick for the photos.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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