Earning your Brunch — time to row back to the Club – 8.6 kms return trip

Tourists looked once, looked twice and then took out their cameras to record quads, doubles and single rowing sculls sweeping into the Erakor Island Resort beach on Easter Monday.

The twenty rowers had rowed from the Rowing Club on the Second Lagoon below “Holiday Inn’s” Golf Course to Erakor as a social activity for the members. However, it’s just over 4.3 kilometres along the Lagoon to Erakor Island Resort so appetites had been sharpened by the exercise. Brunch is the name given to a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch, so the 9am arrival at the island was just the right time. Coffee, muesli, fresh fruit and then bacon and eggs.

“We do this Erakor Brunch Row several times a year,” explained Allan Kalfabun, Club Captain.

“Although we are a serious rowing Club, building teams of rowers to compete in international competitions, we also try to make the Rowing Club a fun club to belong to.”

Neil Hamilton, the Rowing Club member responsible for organising the Brunch Row agreed, “Our membership fees are very affordable, with special rates for our Ni-Vanuatu members and volunteers.

Some people join the Club only as Social Members and never row – or join just to use the gym.”

A walkathon at the end of April and a fun & challenge-filled Quiz Night hosted by Scott Monteirro on 6th May are two of the up-coming social and fund-raising events. The popular Lagoon Barge Cruises are quickly booked out and the Gala Dinner Dance held in October in conjunction with an international regatta is also a popular social occasion for rowers and members of the public alike.

Certainly the row to Erakor had no fund raising side to it – it was just “fun raising.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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