(L-R) Bred Bank Ofisa Axel Menv, Eric Kaleterikia mo VBF Development Ofisa, Sacha Duthu

Stat long 2019 kasem 2020 Vanuatu Basketball Federation (VBF) hemi anaonsem se Bred Bank bambae hemi ‘Hall of Fame’ sponsa blong olgeta.

“Hall of Fame hemi taetol we VBF hemi putum long bigfala sponsa blong olgeta, we bambae i lukim sponsaship ia i focus long olgeta lokol kompetisen mo kasem ‘naming right’ blong eni 3 on 3 tunamen,” VBF Sport Development Ofisa, Sacha Duthu hemi talem.

“Bred Bank hemi disaed blong sponsarem 3 on 3 from nomo se hemi wan niu spot we mifala i jas stap plei long 2017, be i lukim risal blong hem olgeta woman oli winim bronze medol long Pacific Mini Games, mo naoia ranking blong mifala long wol i lukim olgeta man oli rank namba 70 mo olgeta woman oli rank namba 46.

Duthu hemi talem se nomata we Bred Bank hemi sponsarem sam Federation finis, be olgeta i glad blong luk Bred Bank oli kam blong sponsarem 3 on 3, mo stap wetem olgeta long rod blong olgeta i go from 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games kwalifikesen.

“Long bihaf blong Bred Bank mifala luk se hemi wan gudfala opotiuniti sins Bank hemi stap long Vanuatu, Bank hemi sponsarem spot blong help fulfillim full potensol blong olgeta spotman mo woman.

“Mifala i biliv strong tu se wetem sapot blong mifala long spot ya we i lukim tugeta man mo woman oli plei, mifala i biliv se mifala i stap help blong promotem ‘gender equity’ thru long spot,” Bred Bank Winners Improvement Project ofisa, Axel Menv i talem.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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