In round 2 of the Barrett & Partners (B&P) T20 Women’s Cup, APT Dolphins took on Paama Sharks at VCG field (Kazaa).

Dolphins won the toss and set to bat first, sending in their opening batsman Merrielle Kenni with a fantastic run rate of 62(59), and topping the score off with team members,Joana Kalwotman 22(28) and Junane Wakanumune13(18). Paama Sharks managed to get a few wickets with Judy 2 and Belinda Strid 1 however, the Dolphins were too aggressive setting a target score of 140-3. The second innings was devastating for the Sharks as they tried to battle it out with the bowlers, Judy Avok 15(17) and Molbaleh Rosalie 10(8). APT Dolphins won by 70 runs against the Sharks.

APT Dolphins 140-3: K.Merrielle 62(59), J.Wakanumune 13(18), J.Kalwotman 22(28),J.Avok 2/30 was undefeated by Paama Sharks 70-10: J.Avok 15(20), R.Molbaleh 10(8),M.Deitz 8(9),J.Wakanumune 3/13,J.Kethner 3/1, S.Solman 2/6, A.Lawac 1/5,B.Chillia 1/8

In the afternoon match between Ifira Black Birds and Tafea Sandal Wood, Tafea won the toss and elected to field first. Captain Nasimana David wasted no time in sending balls to the boundary with a terrific 51(52) and Junane Wakanumune 64(65). The fielding side did what they had to do with Valenta Tari 1/24 and Rachael Andrew 1/13 with 163 to chase. The two opening batsman from Tafea batted it out well with Valentina Tari 23(22),Davilly Kalsrap11(19), Stella Sokomanu 17(12), Rachel Andrew 44(44) and Kyla Niras 20(13). Tafea fought back but couldn’t stop the Black Birds. At just 17 overs Ifira passed the score at 165-3. The match between Mele Bulls and North Efate was cancelled.

Ifira Black Birds 163-2; N.Navaika 51(52), J.Wakanumune 64(65), was defeated by Tafea Sandal Wood 165-3: V.Tari 23(22), D.Kalsrap 11(19), R.Andrew 44(44), S.Sokomanu 12(12), K.Niras 20(13).

This weekend’s fixture:

Sat 18 Feb APT –vs. Club Hippque, 9pm

Sat 18 Feb NE –vs.PS, VCG; 9am

Sat 18 Feb IB –vs. MB; VCG; 1pm.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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