Yael Sakker, Sales and Marketing Director at Azure, with Vanuatu Cricket Staff and Board Member

September has been a very exciting month for Vanuatu Cricket marking a very successful World Cricket League Division 5 for the Vanuatu Men’s National Cricket Team.

This month also marked the official start of a great working partnership between Azure Pure Water and Vanuatu Cricket Association which saw Azure Pure Water finally officiating their sponsorship of Vanuatu Cricket and more importantly the National under 19’s Cricket Team.

In a signing ceremony at the Vanuatu Cricket office, Shaun Gilchrist and Yael Sakker from Azure Pure Water joined the VCA team to officiate the sponsorship while at the same time exchange words of acknowledgement and support for each other.

“We are very happy to be supporting the VCA because we believe in the positive development Vanuatu Cricket is doing and we love supporting such a proactive and dynamic sporting association,” expressed Shaun Gilchrist, CEO of Azure Pure Water.

“It is not always about winning for us, it is about the development and pride that athletes have towards their sport and we see that in Vanuatu Cricket.

“We are also honoured to be sponsoring the national U19’s team who have just been to Samoa for the U19’s World Cup Qualifier and we are proud of their effort and achievements.

“They did their best and that is what’s most important for us to see.

“We look forward to seeing Vanuatu Cricket achieve great things at all levels of its program.”

Azure Pure Water is officially the exclusive water sponsor and supplier for Vanuatu Cricket and Vanuatu Cricket is pleased and honoured to have them join the Cricket family in Vanuatu.

“I am very honoured to welcome Azure Pure Water into the Vanuatu Cricket Family and we are all looking forward to the great working Partnership that is ahead of us,” said Pierre Chilia, General Manager of the VCA.

“Thank you for choosing Vanuatu Cricket to support and along with the team that I look after, we will all keep working together to towards further developing cricket around Vanuatu,” concluded Chilia.

Azure Pure Water is now officially the main sponsor for the Vanuatu National U19’s Cricket team and the exclusive water sponsor and supplier for Vanuatu Cricket that will keep national cricketers hydrated, while at the same time promote the health benefits of drinking fresh healthy water.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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