The newly printed Athletics Vanuatu van

Athletics Vanuatu requested through the Public Service Commission of Vanuatu which is part of the Prime Minister’s Office, an 18 seater bus to assist Athletics Vanuatu with the development of Athletics.

The bus will be used primarily for the Schools Kids Athletics program which will soon be rolled out after the Pacific Games in Samoa.

The Federation is working very closely with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and Sport in order to implement the Kids Athletics Program over the next two years as part of the AV Strategic Plan for 2019 and 2020.

President Rex Issachar commented “Transportation will be the biggest challenge that AV will face, so we are very excited that our request has been considered and approved by the Vanuatu Government.”

Athletics Vanuatu would like to thank the Vanuatu Government and Public Service Commission for this donation and look forward to utilizing the bus to make Athletics the Number 1 Sport again in Vanuatu.

A big thank you to goes out to Colorite Printers, especially Ashok Kumar, for making it possible to have all the logos and stickers printed on the bus.

Athleitcs Vanuatu would like to thank Colorite Printers as the first ever printing company to come forward and lend a hand, as the printing itself cost more than Vt500,000.

“Rest assured we will make use of the bus to help move athletics forward,” Issachar said.

In other athletics news, Athletics Vanuatu would like to thank Vanuatu Beverage for generously donating the Vanuatu athletics team currently hard at training for the July Samoa Games, cartons of water.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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