Para-Cricketers after a fun filled day

Asco Motors Toyota, in partnership with the Vanuatu Cricket Association organized another excitement filled day for the unique and amazing ‘Cricket I Blong Evriwan’ program on Wednesday, the 12th of July.

The VCA and Asco Motors Toyota find great value in giving back to the community hence it is always a pleasure to work together ensuring that cricket is inclusive in our communities and a great experience for everyone who participates.

On the day, participants were introduced to the activities they were playing and everyone participated in the softball games which are modified to allow for our para-cricketers to have fun but also understand cricket basics.

“We are always very happy to have cricket come over to run their para-cricket activities with us because we love playing the games and everyone gets a chance to learn about cricket.

“We especially enjoyed todays (Wednesday) games and we had fun with the cricket team.

“I would also like to convey our gratitude toward Asco motors and the VCA and we are always happy to work together with VCA to promote cricket,” expressed Francis Ruru on behalf of the Rainbow Theatre family.

The Vanuatu Cricket Development Supervisor, Natalie Hava also expressed her words of thanks to the Rainbow theatre for accepting the program making it a huge success for everyone involved.

Vanuatu Cricket would like to convey their thank you to Asco Motors Toyota for their continuous support towards the Cricket I blong evriwan program and to the Rainbow Theatre group for allowing us to share our passion for cricket with them.

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