Kensi Tangis mo Fenedy Masavakalo wetem tikit blong olgeta

Yestede long Au Bon Marche namba 2, President blong Amicale FC hemi kam blong handem ova tikit blong Fenedy Masauvakalo mo Kensi Tangis long bihaf blong AS Central Sport, blong tufala i flae aot i go long Tahiti.

Leong hemi talem se tufala pleia blong hem olgeta pepa i stret nao mo tufala i stap flae aot i go long Tahiti blong help aot wetem Championship mo kampen blong AS Central Sport long Champions League long New Caledonia, Noumea.

Hemia bambae hemi no festaem we Amicale hemi sendem olgeta pleia blong i go long AS Central, afta we i lukim Masauvakalo, Don Mansale, Jacky Ruben mo Francois Sakama long wan taem oli bin go plei finis wetem klab ia.

Leong i talem se hem tu hemi instrumental long going blong Jean Kaltak long AS Dragon long yia.

Yestede tu i lukim olgeta tikit blong Marcello, Diego mo Pepeta oli redi long hem finis blong trifala i flae aot long namba 12 January blong go long Fiji blong joenem Rewa FC.

Leong i talem bageken se trifala i go long loan, afta nomo we Rewa hemi saenem kontrak wetem olgeta, mo bambae olgeta i kambak afta long Champions League blong helpaot wetem jampionship, wetem Amicale.

Amicale President i talem se Western United tu hemi stap lukluk blong askem seves blong Nelson Sale mo wan moa difenda blong Amicale, we bambae i lukim long yia ia nomata we Amicale hemi kwalifae from Champions League, be bambae olgeta i gat wan rikod namba blong ekspot long olgeta pleia blong olgeta i go helpemaot olgeta tim raon loing rijen.

Sapos Sale hemi go mo wan moa difenda ia, bambae namba i save go antap long 8, naoia we Malampa Revivors i soem interest tu long seves blong Octav Meltecoin.

Leong i stap wishim olgeta pleia blong hem gud luck long Champions League long yia ia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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