Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) is pleased to welcome an Australian Volunteer, Tiffany Williams, to work closely with VVF in Santo for one year. Williams’s assignment will support VVF reach out to more communities in Vanuatu’s biggest island.

Williams will be working closely with the VVF to support its development such as running a program for people living with disability in partnership with the Vanuatu Society for People with Disability known as the Volley4change (V4C) program.

“In Australia, I’ve been living in a remote area in Cairns. I’ve seen how sport can make a difference in people’s life especially for those far from services and those living with a disability,” said Ms William.

Ms Williams has the knowledge and skills for helping people living inside the remote area, which will be very useful when she started working in the remote area in Luganville, Santo. Williams worked in nutrition and public health programs with remote communities in Australia and hopes to share these learnings in her new volunteer role.

“The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation is delighted to have Tiffany.

She will be extremely critical to expand the practice of volleyball in Vanuatu and particularly on Santo. We are grateful for the Australian Government to fund this one-year position. Australian volunteers did a lot for the development of volleyball in this country,” said VVF Media Officer Christel Homu.

Vanuatu receives over 50 Australian volunteers annually.

These volunteers work in a wide range of sectors to contribute to Vanuatu’s development and to build enduring people-to-people links between Australia and Vanuatu. The Australian Volunteers program is an Australian Government initiative.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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