Digicel Amicale FC wetem Home uniform. Away hemi blu

Jas bifo opening sisen blong 2015/2016 Season blong Telecom Vanuatu Limited Premier jampionship long wiken ia, jampion klab blong Vanuatu, Amicale FC, oli kam blong sekiurum wan bigfala bisnis patnaship wetem wan long olgeta Telekomiunikesen kampani long Vanuatu, Digicel.

Amicale hemi tekem on niufala nem, Digicel Amicale FC, taem we yestede i lukim ofisol unveiling blong niufala patnaship ia, stret long Digicel hedkwota long Ellouk, nambatri.

Sajjad Ahmed, we hemi Chief Technical Officer blong Digicel Vanuatu Ltd, hemi talem long toktok blong hem se niufala patnaship wetem Amicale, hemi kam long wan stret taem from Digicel hemi oltaem sapotem ol wina, mo hemi stap wishim Amicale all the best long wiken ia taem we jampionship i kik off.

Technical Director blong Amicale, Anthony Pisano, hemi talem tankio long Digicel blong save step in blong sponsarem Amicale, mo blong fanenansoli backem ap klab, espeseli long wan taem we oli stap pripea naoia from Oceania Champions League nekis yia, from faenans hemi oltaem wan isiu blong olgeta lokol klab everi taem oli stap go aot blong plei long olgeta rijinol tunamen.

President blong klab, Andrew Leong, we hem nao hemi instrumental plante blong saenem niufala patnaship ia, hemi talem se klab blong hem bambae oltaem glad tumas blong promotem brand blong Digicel raon long Pacific mo Vanuatu everi taem Amicale i plei, mo hemi stap askem everi pleia mo ofisol blong klab blong oltaem kam olgeta gudfala amabasada blong futbol insaed mo aotsaed long fil.

Digicel sponsaship ia blong wan full set home mo away uniform plusem olgeta nara faenansol sapot, bambae hemi ran long wan period blong 3 yia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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