Savannah De Ceuster on Flicksta

Under a bright sun and the beautiful Bellevue Ranch grounds, AJC International Derby was a stunning horse show. It was enough to impress our New Caledonian riders as well as the very international onlookers. Vanuatu can be proud of the level of its riders and horses as our visitors congratulated The Riders’ Club for the quality of the event.

In the derby, there were two categories: Intermediate and advanced and the fun relay included 15 teams of a novice, an intermediate and an advanced rider. The results are as follow:

Intermediate derby: 1st - Liane Caillard riding Spot (Vanuatu)

2nd - Maud Hardjosalikoen riding Latte (New Caledonia)

3rd - Emilie Sliman riding Spot (New Caledonia)

Advanced derby: 1st - Margaux François riding Vicky (New Caledonia)

2nd - Savannah De Ceuster riding Flicksta (Vanuatu)

3rd - Enoa Lacan riding Vivaldi (New Caledonia)

The Relay: 1st - Jake Kelly, Clara Ringuenoire, Enoa Lacan riding Brut

2nd - Noah Rowan, Eli Rowan, Eliott Pujol riding Moet

3rd - Jake Kelly, Astrid Ducoin, Marion Schmitt riding Spot

Stéphanie, the instructor from The Riders’ Club, would like to congratulate all her riders who have made her and Vanuatu proud. Also, a big thank you to our great sponsor AJC for making this event and the beautiful prizes possible. This competition wouldn’t be such a success without the great help from The Riders’ Club members who have done the announcement, the music, the judging…Also, K2 who is the best caterer in town!

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor



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