AFL bae hemi halaitem international day blong olgeta woman

AFL(Austalian Football League)bambae hemi mekem putum, sakses blong makem international day blong olgeta woman long Port Vila hemi hemia long Korman stadium stat nao long 8:30 long tete morning kasem wantaem long 11:00 long lunch taem.

Vanuatu sports hemi kat janis tu blong save toktok wetem program maneja blong AFL Vanuatu yestete long morning about event we bae olgeta i putum aut long tete long moning.

Patterson hemi talem se “sapos eni woman or yangfala kel we oli stap nomo long haus from hemi weekend, nokat samting blong mekem yu save kam taon long korman stadium mo joinem AFL blong makem inetrnational day blong olgeta woman.Ino ol woman nomo be i open long olgeta papa mo ol yangfala boy sapose oli stap nmo long haus oli save kam taon mo joinem olgeta mama,mo pikinini blong tekem part long olgeta activities we bae olgeta i putumaut long haf dei event ia.”

Fee blong eni interest paticipen hemi 100vt,bae AFL nao bae hemi sotem aut fees blong eni man,woman,or pikinini we hemi enta long korman stadium tru long gate bae i kat wan long olgeta senia pleya we hemi stanap long gate hem nao bae hemi makem hamas participen we oli enta insait from bae long en blong day bae AFL nao bae hemi lukluk long entrance fee.

Bae i kat 3 fala kotj we bae oli ranem programe ia wetem olgeta partisipens,3 fala ia oli no ol kotj nomo be oli play tu long senia tim blong AFL Vanuatu.

AFL bae hemi halaitem day ia wetem kala pink.Kala ia oli jusum folem olgeta balls we bae oli oli usum long avtivity blong day ia hemi kala pink nomo,folem hemia AFL i wantem infomem eny wan we i wantem kam taon long korman tete long morning no foketem se u save usum wan aitem we hemi kala pink blong makem selebresen wetem AFL blong makem international day blong olgeta woman long Vanuatu,kam taon long korman wetem wan pink flawa long hair, pink shirt or top.Afta long every activities blong programe long haf day ia bae i kat sam gift we bae AFL bae hemi kivim aut i ko long olgeta paticipens.

Mo long nara nius,AFL 8 week Pikinini Kik Prokram registration form hemi still avelebol long eni interest parents we hemi wantem involvem pikinini blong hem long AFL.

Blong moa infomesen yu save kontaktem AFL pograme maneja,Nancy Patterson long number ia,5566822/5941342 or email

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