Why Punish Performers?

A few weeks ago now the Minister of Internal Affairs decreed that as of of January 1, 2019 no member of the public service, in other words those employed by the Government, would be able to own and operate a Taxi, Bus or Public Transport.

He also decreed that no more buses were going to be imported from overseas aiming primarily at Hyundai second hand coming out of Korea and the little Matiz, both of which are blights on our roads, development and society as a whole.

This initiative is without question and arguably the best one the Minister of Internal Affairs (MoIA) has made however the first decision to prevent Government employees from owning a Bus/Taxi/Public Transport is a completely different matter.

For reasons cited included but not limited to the fact that there are simply too many buses on the road at the moment and as a result something had to be done to quell the problem and the easiest way to do this was to instruct all members of Government employees were to cease and desist with these passive incomes.

That leads us directly to the only question that needs an answer, forget all the fluff around the issue, the answer we are all wanting is quiet simply, why?

Why has the Minister in his wisdom decided to target the very people who have done well at school, their parents have obviously struggled to give them an education.

In most cases they were chosen in the family to be the one who got the education as they simply couldn’t afford to educate them all.

They being the now government employee that was tasked with providing not only for themselves but their family and those that didn’t get the education.

Right so you’re with me so far, struggling to educate, putting one through school, now it’s payback Melanesian style.

So, what happens next is as they rise up the pay scale ladder, they start to invest in a taxi, then a bus then a Public Transport, then that 4 x4 gets sent to the island and they get another one then they build a house somewhere in between because yes you got it they have a passive income joined to a stable income so that makes them bankable.

But there is more to this they have also employed and fed and schooled their entire family, they have used the buses and taxis and public transport to get the family kids to school and back, transport people to functions, weddings, funerals and carry the family out for a picnic and by family, I mean family.

This is all not only creating an income and employment for the members of the family, it is also a saving as they do not have to outsource their needs to do these things that make up who they are.

No one is doing this to clutter the system, they are just trying to get them and their families established and financially secure.

After all, no one else cares if they survive do they?

What with top surgeons being cast aside for political reasons, the TRR being ousted until the court forces them back, who is ultimately responsible? The very people themselves.

Now we have a Minister for whatever reason deciding that he will take away their right to a passive income in the name of trying to right 1,400 wrongs [being the alleged number of buses on the road in the capital] why blame the people who work for the people who represent the people, remember that they are the people and they have a big voice.

One could only respectfully request that in light of the facts that the Minister review what can be best described as a knee jerk reaction and encourage better implementation and endorse and support the land transport act which needs a budget and rid the country of the antiquated buses, which by the way is a sensible decision by the Minister and I believe that in itself will address the main issue of too many buses, and make sure that once a bus is no longer operating then that license is no longer valid. Any new licenses must be with a new bus/taxi or public transport not some second-hand rubbish that a foreign land did not want.

There is simply no need to ostracise yourself from the very people that work for you and us the people. Why penalize those who have the initiative to better themselves and their families, extended as well as immediate. If we as a nation, a sovereign state, don’t encourage this type of natural development the burden on the state will simply be so great and will disintegrate under the very weight of poor management and gross negligence, past, present and future by our elected leaders.

Our Minister of Internal Affairs has only half addressed the issue and whilst he needs to be congratulated for making some tough decisions, at least he is prepared to make a decision more than can be said of many that have sat before him, now we the people and the country need him to make the right decisions. A leader tells his people where to go, a good leader shows them how to get there, let’s hope our MoIA is the latter.

Next week will be what was supposed to be this week and that will be a look at RMS and Roughtons, seems like everyone has gone quiet on this little puppy but we won’t let the squirrels off scot free.

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