We must believe

Clothes don’t maketh the man, we must believe!

Everyone locally talks independence and what it means to them, what seems to be forgotten is what is best remembered by those who remember.

We live in a proud country that regardless of our technological age are steeped in history and culture.

We have many different dialectics and many different islands and we are still struggling to become united as one.

What we haven’t forgotten is that we do not need to stand on western pomp and ceremony to be who we are.

Today i watched a middle-aged man walking with bare feet, obviously no need of slippers out of the market with his morning's purchase, i couldn’t help but wonder who this man is and what does he do.

Then it dawned on me that this man does not need the fancy cars, house or shoes to be who he is and more likely then not he is a man of note in his village.

What the Big Men have forgotten is that to be you, you have to be you, stop trying to be someone you are not. This man i witnessed today reassured me that he was comfortable with who he was and what he did and was not needed to judged for anything other then his contribution to his family and village.

What has been forgotten is that these are the people that the politicians represent and as each year goes by as more education is been taken advantage of people are trying to create a class based on individual wealth and means. This man is far wealthier than anyone i have met because he has his values.

Imagine for a minute what he thinks of the people he has helped put into power to run the country on his and men and women like his behalf? Why do our leader try and sell what is basically this mans and the rest of the men and women of Vanuatu?

We have open criticism of politicians selling out to the Chinese, we have our Australian friends criticizing the Chinese for trying to own us. Why should they care unless they want to own us?

Why do they want to insist that we have income/corporate tax and other nasties they seem to be able dream up to make our lives more miserable?

Why can’t we just do the basics and provide infrastructure, protect the people of Vanuatu from scammers that prey on their naivety, which in itself is a rich and a curse. We need our leaders to realise that they are in charge for a short time of the direction Vanuatu takes and should put Vanuatu first and lead the people and the country down a path that the flash shoes and the bare feet can co-exist. We do not need to sell out to anyone, let alone the Chinese who are giving us a road map called the “one belt one road” policy to link china to every other country in the world.

We can make a name for ourselves and we can move forward and still remember where we came from, we can make it work, we just have to realise the dream of the founding fathers in 1980 and believe, yes we must believe. For without it we will rely on others to provide our direction and soon we will forget who we are and what we stand for.

I look forward to your company on 96BUZZFM 9-11am as i have just finished a 4-week break, many thanks to the legend Arthur Knight for taking my seat over the break. Have a great midweek!

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