Dear Editor,

Plis allowem mi speis blo mi save respond long last week’s letter blo wan concern citizen we hemi questionem work blong VEPAC.

Thank you long man we I reisemap ol concern blong hem long work blong VEPAC.

Fes samting se we yu mas save se :

Olsem mi blong Tongoa, mi no ko out of my way blong karem ol blad memba ia I kam insaed blong wok wetem mi. Tufala board memba we tufala blong Tongoa tu tufala I representem 2 organisation NGO long Vila we oli financial members blong VEPAC mo tufala I bin atendem VEPAC AGM blong last year mo AGM long time ia I bin votem tufala I ko insaed long Board. Mi olsem Coordinator I no gat any raet blong vote long AGM so tufala I bin trusted by Port Vila Teachers Association mo Euta Community Association mo tufala I bin nominated by other NGO members blong kam insaed olsem ol board members.

Ating yu luk trip blong VEPAC staff mo board we oli bin attendem subregional meeting blong mifala long Fiji, every staff mo board memba oli bin kam. Gel blong mi wetem apu blong mi i bin kam tu from se hemi wan birthday gift blong hem we mi pem ticket blong hem out long poket money blong mi mo VEPAC I no pem!

Program Officer I bin luk wan advertisement we mifala I mekem long manis blong May mo hemi stap long SANTO I apply I kam. Out long 10 applications mo 5 short listed mo interview, board oli bin karem hem kam. Canberra office tu I bin part blong interview panel long time ia. So mi no fosem ol family blong mi blong kam work long VEPAC! From wanem nao yu no apply I kam taem yu luk advertisement mo taem VEPAC I gat AGM blong hem olsem yu gat Janis blong kam inside long board??

Long saed blong ol meeting overseas, fulap long ol meetings ia ino ol meetings blong VEPAC nomo, mi wetem wan position we mi holem tu olsem:

Executive memba blong Pacific Islands Women Caucus, Member blong Dignity International, mo memba blong VCCM ( Vanuatu Country Coordinating Mechanism ) located long Ministry blong Health we I responsible long funding blong HIV/AIDS, Malaria mo TB mi tu mi part blong VCCM board. So hemia nao reason why mi stap attendem ol meetings ia. Spos yu wantem save wanem mi ko stap talem long ol big meetings ia, yu save accessem ol information ia long ol websites ia: ( jekem Pacific Islands Women Caucus) we mi nao mi prisentem) Tu yu downloadem mo printimaot report ia mo ko stap ridim!

Yu gat facebook ia olsem yu typem in APREC Thailand mo luk wanem nao mifala I tokbaot long we. Or

VEPAC out long fulap NGO we oli wok long education long region mifala nomo wetem Papua New Guinea Education Network writem Shadow Report blong mifala long EFA ( Education For All Goals) we spos yu wantem kopi blong mi yuk am askem mifala long VEPAC office. Long yia ia nomo mifala I sitemap 2 branches long SANMA mo Malampa!

Asia Pacific Feminist Forum long Chiang Mai Thailand : out long meeting is oli choosem mi blong ko present long SIDS conference long Apia so mi no pulum bokis blong mi nomo koi a!

VEPAC this year nomo I tekem lead blong draftem Basic Education Policy we I givim long MOE olsem vois blong NGO. Mifala I contribute disability work mo naoia stap mekem wan research long saed blong School Based Management. Mbe spos yu wantem save moa, yu save email address blong mi mo facebook blong mi, Yu kam mi mekem wan presentation long yu! Anyway long ol readers we yufala ino save email address blong mi hemi:

Thank you tumas

Anne Leimala Pakoa

National Coordinator blong VEPAC

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