Dear Editor,

As a foreign USP student staying at Emalus campus, travelling on buses is the main transport for me and i am wondering if buses are only supposed to stay on the main roads.

I am asking as an incident happened one night that had me questioning.

One evening, i went to Au Bon Marche at Korman with my wife to do our regular big shopping for the week. On the bus going home, there was a middle aged, local man sitting alone in the back of the bus.

As we got closer to USP, i kindly asked the driver if it was okay with him to take us through the front gate and he said yes! So, as we got up near the flag poles i then asked him again if he could drive through towards the Married Quarters and again he said yes!

Suddenly, the man in the bus turned to me and said with an annoyed look on his face, “My friend, next time hire a taxi. This is a ‘Service Bus’…you can’t do this with a service bus.”

At that moment, i didn’t know what to say or do therefore i remained silent.

Thankfully, the driver was very friendly and kept driving until we reached home. I could not tell if the driver was angry or annoyed after us off for misusing of the bus service.

My experiences of travelling in the buses with locals, has led me to the understanding that you can ask the driver to take you almost anywhere if he is willing. If this is the normal practice, then i hope it stays this way, for the benefit of all future customers.

As a concerned foreign student who depends on these bus services for my daily needs, we are not always familiar with the ins and outs of what is acceptable here in Vanuatu. Could someone please explain what the passenger meant by ‘service bus’?

Or was this just a random incident when someone was annoyed at us for using the bus service? If so, it’s very ‘un-Vanuatu like’.

Wylie Detenamo


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Sense of entitlement much? 150 vatu and he wants private chauffeur service.

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