Dear Editor,

Why oh why?

Walk on us, spit on us, take us for a ride, rip us off, sell our country, promote your governing club, smile and laugh while we grin and bear, impose more tax, double the budget at our expense, pay yourselves to stay together and celebrate length of time together at our expense while we look on...hoping that our day will come when we will be treated properly with housing, good functioning hospital with medicine, free education and other service delivery normally expected in a sovereign Country. Yeah we wait and hope each time a Government is in power and we sink further.

When we ask, you say ask not what the government can do for you but what you can do for the government. Oh but we have done paying tax to the government. Now we must ask because we have done tax. When we do business as Civil Servants, you say do not do business. Why hit us on every turn Is this not our country where we can at least expect support from our government?

Are we witnessing the episode of democracy ceasing to be an effective form of government because the minority has finally realised that they can vote themselves into more benefit from the public fund? This maybe categorically true because of the associated costs of keep the current majority of 47 members in the current coalition by giving out more parliamentary secretariats and special envoy posts.

Or can we say the ship is overloaded and therefore unstable as the people cannot move around for fear of destabilizing the ship?

When we are terminated, our labour department seems to turn a blind eye and we are forced to conclude on assumption that there must be something going on yet we are not sure and will never know.

But is it all gloom and doom or the light and the end of the tunnel a rushing train, as the saying goes.

Have you forgotten that we fought for independence so the Ni-Vanuatu can have a fair go supported by their government or must we depend or rather over depend on Foreign Aid, Foreign Direct Investment and selling of our land because our government has lost vision focusing on staying in power just for the sake of staying in power using stability for more benefit while we look on.

Are we Vanuatu or are we aspiring to become Australia, China, England, Germany, France or Greece where we are forced to enact laws just to be in the good books of G7, G8 and them affluent countries?

Whatever the case maybe, whatever goes on, we must always let peace prevail whatever the situation.

God bless us and long live Vanuatu.

Thomson Pakoa Matokai Kokona

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