Dear Editor,

This week a lot of Vanuatu people might be waiting fervently to find out Vanuatu’s stand on West Papua’s status at the MSG.

It is fitting that at this solemn moment all of us the common man and woman from Vanuatu speak out on behalf of West Papuans to tell the honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Sato Kilman, that for too long West Papua contained within it ugly and very inhumane acts.

That it is about time the soul of West Papua as a nation long been suppressed, finds utterance. That Mr. Sato Kilman supports and votes for West Papua to become member at the MSG.

Someone once said that Freedom and Power bring responsibility. Vanuatu, as a free country has the responsibility to attend to the cry of her neighbours who are not free. This responsibility rests upon our government, the sovereign body representing the sovereign people of Vanuatu. We need to ask our government leaders if they are brave and wise enough to grasp the opportunity in Honiara, to go for West Papua and willing to accept the challenge of the future especially with our future relationship with Indonesia. The government of Prime Minister Sato Kilman can have all the support from each and every citizens of Vanuatu and one thing we want is for the government to vote for West Papua.

We are looking forward to a positive outcome from our government at the MSG meeting in Honiara; it is going to be a step, an opening of opportunity to the greater triumphs and achievements that await not only our West Papuan friends but all of us who are helping to speak out on their behalf.

Finally, to all good citizens of Vanuatu, let us show that truly, LONG GOD YUMI STANAP! Let us unite and pray for our government and all our brothers and sisters who are not experiencing freedom as we do!


Moses Nasse

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