Dear Editor,

The Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy (PCEP) has recently issued a letter (copied to several key figures in Government) to the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) Board chairman seeking explanation as to why he issued a “NO GO” instruction to the VIPA staff to make a presentation on the Vanuatu Investment Bill to the PCEP.

As a result of this failed presentation, the PCEP is summoning the VIPA chairman to appear before the committee to explain and clarify his position regards his decision for stopping the VIPA staff to go ahead with the presentation. The chairman was given seven days to tender his written explanation to the PCEP.

Question is why is the VIPA Board chairman reaching a decision like this, given the Investment Bill belongs to the Government and it is so out of date and needs an urgent revision? Does he care about his role at all as chairman of an important Government institution?

And it is believed VIPA through the Ministry of Trade needs to undertake a series of consultations as the final one before the Bill is finalised. With the Private sector being the main target group – it was believed this did not come through. Assurances have been made by the VIPA Acting CEO that a date will be announced soon. The Private sector have not yet been informed on this date.

Again we ask, why is the consultation with the private sector not taking place? Why is the first consultation postponed and why is another date remain difficult to confirm to the VCCI? Is it a question of capacity? Do not look far: How many times has the Acting CEO responded to your telephone calls? Has he ever responded to an email you sent him and asking him to respond urgently? Does he have any formal qualification or training? Does he have any special skills like ….driving?

It is believed that more works need to be done in terms of consultation on the Bill before it gets through parliament. However, calling for this to happen seems to fall upon deaf ears. So again, one asks – how can VIPA run with this Bill on its own as it is concerning the private sector?

Please note that this is not the first time for the public to make comments on VIPA‘s performance like this. You’ve experienced it, you heard it more than enough during ‘talk-back show programs’, and you read about it more than enough in papers – There’s more wrong than right VIPA is doing up to now?

Can the Government make an urgent investigation into VIPA management and VIPA Board operations before it is too late? Or where does the process of recruitment of a CEO position go? Clearly there is no leadership at VIPA right now.

Concerned Citizen Businessman

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