Dear Editor,

Almost 39 years on after gaining independence, I never thought that it would be this easy for the Vanuatu Government and lawmakers to just do as told.

As human beings, we have come to this stage through reasoning, questioning every decision and making breakthroughs from the stone age to our transformation era of Information Technology.

That is why the human race is so powerful and fearsome in the animal kingdom. Handing over 6 Chinese national without a reason. Really? Without knowing the problem? Not knowing the reason is like you have been brainwashed from the truth.

I refer to the 6 Chinese nationals of whom four (4) are said to have Vanuatu citizenship. We just close our eyes, turn our back and told the other party here is your problem. The Pharisees and chief priest did the same by handing Jesus over to Pilate. See where it got them. Vanuatu could be playing into China’s communist game if we do not have time to seek the truth. China’s presence in the Pacific Islands, especially Vanuatu has gained momentum.

In all levels of development and aid, China is present and they are here to stay.

Either we are dumb or the Chinese authority is hiding something. These 6 deported Chinese nationals are required to stand trial in Vanuatu. Imagine committing a crime and getting arrested in China. The Chinese government will want to know what the Vanuatu national knows before handing him or her over to Vanuatu. Four of these deported people received citizenship by the program under which the government sells Vanuatu’s identity in the name of revenue. They were not given any chance of a public trial. Our forefathers have taken us this far, let us not ruin the dish they feed us on.

As citizens of the country, don’t they have that right to justice? Like Mr McGarry’s writing of Vanuatu politics becoming like China without the watchdog. I feel there is something fishy going on. When will the Vanuatu people stop being denied from the truth. Our leaders should know well, we are the government and deserve the real truth.

The minster’s response of not knowing the problem is quite against human understanding. People will not trust any politician word unless they stand justice for the truth. At the end of the day, the people of Vanuatu deserve nothing but the truth. Long live Vanuatu!

God bless Vanuatu.


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