Dear Editor,

Thank you for allowing me this space, firstly over the past decade there’s been an rapid increase of Chinese shops emerging from nowhere all over town. Even in residential areas in Port Vila and Santo. There is a common trend which most of these buildings have, UGLY as ever!

Honestly, do we have a building code by which all builders follow? If so, then it’s not been followed at all! Too much ugly shops with third grade material, no taste, no creativity in terms of architecture, just hard concrete, iron roof, a few strokes of paint here and there, and voila!, a shop, just simple and not adding value and beauty to our growing city! It is such a shame that this is happening in our country, I believe the relevant offices such as the Municipal Council, Ministry of Internal Affairs should look into this and minimize or inform potential business owners to adjust to make sure they do not turn our city into a junk yard with cheap building material and simple tasteless ugly architecture!

It is a sad fact that shop buildings in China Town are really dirty, walls, windows, no ventilation, no air con, bad odour. Why can’t they be asked to clean up these buildings? We have thousands of visitors coming through every week, tell these business owners to clean up their dirty shops, even make it mandatory by legislation for all business owners in town to clean up their buildings. Also proper displaying of their products and not just stuff it anyhow on the shelves, as for some they do look messy and all over the place from the outside! People are watching us, let’s stop making a mockery of this beautiful country and all it has to offer!

It is evident that the current Chinese shops in town right now are selling the same crap, rubbish, easily broken, low quality, useless and all fakes or counterfeit products. Why can’t all these be varied?

We don’t need 10 shops selling the same rubbish, VIPA can simply reject these applications as they do not bring in any variety, such as a modern coffee shop, a jewelry shop, or a shoe repair shop, duty free shop, it’s all copy copy copy, fake fake fake! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe New Caledonians who bought items from Chinese shops in Vanuatu have these items disposed upon arrival in Noumea as these are fake and not the real deal! This is so embarrassing and we are still encouraging the Chinese to still bring in this rubbish for so long and not do anything about it!

We need a quality goods authority or some government entity that checks the items brought in as originals and not fakes! Shops who import fakes can be penalized and fined on the spot!

Both municipalities should ban loitering outside shops, offices, buildings as this also contributes to this dirty lifestyle that we see becoming a trend in our cities.

Concerned Citizen

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