Dear Editor,

This letter is not coming on behalf of any chief of Ambae.

I am an individual Ambaean and I wish to thank the Chiefs of Maewo, their landowners and their MPs for their generosity to take the people of Ambae onboard their island.

While I do not defend the reasons for complaining about food and environment in their letter to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, I have no doubt their concerns will be addressed.

Meanwhile, as far as I am concerned, the least they can do is to thank the chiefs and their landowners and people of Maewo for their generosity.

If we are to talk about the importance of family values and custom governance then this is it in reality as demonstrated by the people of Maewo! I have two sisters and their families living in harmony with the people of Maewo and on their behalf, I am deeply grateful to the chiefs and their landowners and people of Maewo and I look forward to visiting them shortly.

Indeed I cannot imagine how they are going to cope if they return to their homes while Manaro is still showering Ambae Island with ash fall.

I can understand the frustrations of those who let loose their anger with all sorts of phrases.

Let me advise that you can use words of frustrations rather than abusive language in any tongue because the moment you do, you become no better than those Ambaeans who seem to expect VIP treatment on Maewo in this emergency situation.

I am disgusted just as you are with any Ambaean on Maewo who seems to expect special treatment by the Government while away from his or her home island.

This is pure madness in an already a dire situation.

Len Garae

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