Dear Editor,

I read with interest and appreciation the weekly Inside Viewpoints column on Friday where Mr Howard Aru is its writer.

He mentioned and I quote “Vanuatu should undertake major reforms in its approach to work – be it seasonal employment under the SWP or RSE, NGO, private sector, or in particular, within the Government’s civil service. We should be a country that promotes excellence in the workplace and in all areas. General discipline and Self-discipline are utterly weak in many organizations. That’s why we leave no legacy or footprints behind for others to admire or emulate or even improve upon. These dark and cloudy horizons hover over us, but if we will, we can. Where there is a will, there is a way”.

I believe Vanuatu or Labor Department should have a more control labor mobility mechanism in place. We appreciate employment and an opportunity to improve and better our lives and our children while also seeing the economic benefit.

As a government institution and Seasonal agents should work together devise a tool to battle the issue affecting Ni- Vans in all work places. Instead of recruiting and once all travelling papers are in place send them to seasonal works, we keep them under some formal training, English language, working attitudes, dressing codes, timing/punctuality and so forth. Most Island recruits to outside seasonal labor never worked for another person before let alone work for a “white man” before.

Vanuatu gain a lot from these schemes so might as well train our ambassadors before throwing them into the field. On that note lest we all know that what happens out there painted a stale picture for the whole nature which the two marketing individuals encounter at the convention center.

I call for the labor department and stakeholders to address this issue of “dirty” work as soon as possible. To my knowledge, people who never worked for another man before were the most targeted then cross examined with other qualities as well.

Though we are hardworking, the quality of our work is another story and it is what farmers in Australia and New Zealand wants to see more. Therefore, we need a reform strategy to address the issue. We still have time to change all that.

Vire Lovusi

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