Dear Editor,

Hemi really mekem yu wan better person? Yu wan lawyer, wan banker, wan professor, wan qualified professional mo from hemia then yu wan better person than the next man or woman.

School hemi bringim aot dream blong yu? School hemi kivim yu more janis blong win long laef from yu kat mo save blong stil blong raf from nomo se yu save ridim law, ridim politics, ridim books?

Mi kat wan best fren taem mi skul long Ulei Senior primary boarding school. Mi pass mi ko long British Secondary School long 1976. Hemi feil mo ko bak long village.

Taem mi kam bak long Fiji mo stat wok hemi kat plantation, buluk mo horse.

Tedei mi staon istap mi stap tink baot skul. School System blong Vanuatu.

Everi man long wol hemi unique. Ikat wan yu nomo long wol ia. Ino kat kopi blong yu eniwea long wol. Why nao hemi olsem? Question. Yu laki taem yu kat mi olsem fren from inokat nara mi. Nokat.

Mi skul hamas, mi qualify hamas be qualification ia nomo hemi mekem mi semak long yu. Otherwise mi mi different mo bambai mi always be different.

Wanem nao purpose blong skul? Long Franis mo English mo naoia Chinese.

Wan approach long economic development theoretically hemi se imas kat total eradication blong culture fastaem bifore economic development hemi save tekem ples. Long tingting ia, skul system hemi save be designed blong brain washem Ni-Vanuatu blong no likem fasen blong custom blong hem mo adoptem blong western society from school system hemi base long system blong olgeta mo yumi inheritem mo continue long hem after independence.

Ol Actor mo Actress blong Tanna Movie oli ko wokbaot long red carpet from oli jus blong rejectem skul mo live long kastom. Mi always believe se “You have to be rooted in your culture and tradition before you can touch the sky”.

Tedei skul system blong yumi whilst hemi gud, thank you every wan long education sector, samtaem mi likem blong tingting se ino naf. Every yia ikat sam oli go fulap oli stap. Be ating olketa we oli stap oli better off from oli kat time blong start early long development. Planem sandalwood. Olsem wanem sipos every pikini we oli no save ko through, kavman hemi startem wan program blong kivim 20 sandalwood seedling long end of yia 8.

Bambai hemi putum long kraon taem hemi kat 12 year. More taem hemi 32 be sandlewood hemi redi.

Ikat ol factor we oli affectem delivery blong quality teaching iko long ol pikinini. Wan long olketa hemi internal politics inside long administration mo promotion blong ol education personnel. Recently mi witnessem wan appointed principle hemi taken over by wan recommended long Mele. Sipos hemi tru fasen olsem imas stop mo Chairman blonf Shefa Education board imas lukluk long hem. Las wan skul hemi mas be designed blong bringim out the best long every pikinini. Wan size fits all inefa wok.

Thomson Pakoa Matokai Kokona

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