Why has CCECC let the road from USP entrance to Erakor roundabout get to such a dismal state?

Yes, we have had some rain but the state of the road had been shocking before that. In the mornings and afternoon, the traffic backs up all due the state of the road.

When traffic reaches the new road near the USP driveway to the USP roundabout it clears. All due to the road. Is it not possible for CCECC to smooth the road regularly?

They have said in the past that they patch potholes with a mixture of coal and cement. Doesn’t look like any cement had been used. Any driver will tell you were are getting sick of driving up and down this goat track we have. It’s about time something better is done.

How long are we going to have to put up with this? Or is it because “this is Vanuatu and we don’t have to provide a service such as we would back home” that we have to put up with this.

It is poor service and I am sure that if it was back in China that the existing road would have to be kept in a reasonable usable state. Right now, it is not a reasonable state. Something more and better needs to be done CCECC and the onus is on you to do it.

An Annoyed Driver

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