Dear Editor,

Regarding the intrusion by Benny Wenda, a West Papuan separatist smuggled by Vanuatu on January 25th, it seems that the readers of international media are not really aware of what damage the Vanuatu delegation might have caused, towards both international society and United Nations as a respectable supranational institution. It will be excellent if Daily Post Vanuatu can provide more balanced, in-depth analysis of the impact of the event.

The violation of ethics in diplomacy by Vanuatu is not only a procedural violation, but also an abuse of political mandate given by the international society, and the people of Vanuatu itself. The strict protocol at the UN was not made just as formality. Rules are made so that every discussion can be very focused, and complex problems such as improving human rights in Vanuatu can be addressed in great detail. A country that disrespects the time and effort dedicated by the UN to help solving human rights problems is harmful for all of us.

In the 2019 UPR, the Human Rights Council working group recommended Vanuatu to adopt more resolutions on The Rights of The Child and Ending Discrimination Against Women. By allowing an unauthorized party to hijack the delegation, Minister Don Ken and other representatives of Vanuatu have wasted precious time and opportunity to create a better environment for the people in Vanuatu.

This case of diplomatic ethics breach can also damage the trust from international society, not only towards Vanuatu, but also other Pacific nations, the Human Rights Council, or even the United Nations. The government of Vanuatu needs to take responsibility of this considerably damaging consequence, towards other 192 member countries of the UN.

Benny Tedja

Editor’s Note:

According to Vanuatu’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Benny Wenda was officially accredited in the Vanuatu delegation to the UN meeting.

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Benny Teja is an Indo politician, just disregard his comment

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