Dear Editor,

Mi presem gavman blong tede from we emi bringim sam jenis insaed long pablik administresen.

Mi bilif strong se wetem ol niu measures we PSC i stap tekem naoia, wok blong gavman i save bringim better sevis i go long pipol mo bringim big savings.

Weswe sapos yumi mekem tingting ia i wok long ful gavman, across the board.

Sapos yumi lukluk gud, ol man blong politik nao oli stilim pipol plante taem oli no yusum gud ol assets blong State mo oli no respectem punctuality.

Emi no wan rong sapos yumi assessem tu wok blong ol minista mo ol politikol apointees we olgeta nao oli sapos blong soem exampol long ol civil servants. Evriwan i wok long wan masta nomo we emi State wetem ol pipol blong hem.


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