Dear Editor,

This letter is in relation to the opinion of Mark O’Brien on October 14, 2016, Issue No. 4195.

As young citizens of this beautiful country we have been reading the news on the income tax with much interest.

We wish to however congratulate the current government of honourable Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas for introducing the revenue source that will make big changes to the lives of the Ni-Vans throughout the country.

The elders of all societies in the scattered isles of this country will agree with us that whenever something good comes your way, challenges will intervene first.

Mark O’Brien is a person that is none other than any Ni-Vanuatu who sees the tax income the other way around we supposed.

Likewise he can be an example of challenges along with the others who opposes the income tax proposed by the current government which comprised of many new Members of Parliament.

Undoubtedly these MPs knew what they are doing with the leading of this country to start contributing according to their means to the revenue required for the advancement of the republic of Vanuatu as stated by the constitution.

A reminder to the consultation team undertaking the works of the government that when challenges attained, let us be strong cause good tidings are drawing.

We suggest that, if every points that are used to oppose this income tax be used by the Government team to improvise, or as guideline to implement the income tax policies then people will be happy right across the board. After all this is why the current Government approves to execute a wide consultation right across the country. A step that we see new to our elected MPs in this legislature. Mifala tu lo aelan mas kat say lo decision.

Additionally, this is a Melanesian country where we are traditionally being taught to give rather than to beg and our Government is doing the right thing here for this nation. As farmers of this country, we wish to express our concern that we have been taxed over our Copra, Cattle, Timber, Cocoa, etc…yet we did not complain for the last 36 years. We also contribute paying VAT across this nation though we get very limited cash on the products we have. We did these without complaining because we understand that everything we do is for the good of this nation and of cause as being taught by our elders in our Nasaras was barely recognized by people in the rural and income tax will provide fund to cater for the rural population as well.

Finally, this is a democratic nation and we believe that as we’re being the majority in the rural areas, where only 20% of the total population are living in our towns, our say will be considered as well as any other natural citizen. We have contributed to balance the import of this nation but those living in our towns are benefiting from government loans that of this nation but only those living in our towns are benefiting from government loans that was how we see it. Is that being fair?

We are inviting all that have otherwise opposed the idea of income tax remind ourselves that our Government is trying to find a solution to accommodate providing services in this country that can only be reflected in our towns rather than in the rural areas following the dedication of the past government after the ruling of the late Fr Walter H Lini.

The current number of children being born to our lovely Vanuatu is something to be considered as well.

Do not talk about production when you are not producing anything! Instead see it as a way in which we all contribute to build the better for our future generation. Local products is also a means that maybe the government can address the issue of quantity in the Future compared to the other Melanesian countries

To conclude we humbly thank the Australians and the New Zealanders along with the other developing partners for contributing to your country’s tax system that has helped the citizens of this country

Thank you all for reading and May God bless you as you comment positively for the initiative that the government has introduced.

Farmers of Rural North

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